About me

Her fascination with photography began in primary school when she held her first camera in her hands. Since then, she has never let go of her passion for this medium. 

Switzerland, with its breathtaking nature and rich cultural heritage, provides her with endless inspiration. She is particularly fond of the captivating landscapes and portraits. She enjoys capturing the beauty and diversity of her surroundings through the lens, telling moments and stories. 

This depth and dedication is reflected in each of her photographs. She manages to emphasise the essence of the moment and the unique beauty of the world around her. Her works are not just images, but emotional narratives that captivate viewers time and time again. 

Less than a mere pastime, photography has become a lifelong journey for her that she continues to pursue relentlessly. 

Dies ist eine nichtkommerziele Webseite. Anfragen bezüglich kleineren Aufträgen beantworte ich jedoch gerne.